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Continuous Expansion Since Inception in 1986

With almost 30 years of experience in acrylic industry and good investment vision, in order to manufacture high precision and high quality acrylic products,Shing Kwn imported the most advanced acrylic processing equipment and CNC machine to provide services to customers.

Deep Roots in Taiwan; Focus on Quality

Taiwans economic development was not without drawbacks. Many small and medium enterprises moved toChina, Shing Kwn was faced a choice. Chairman Hsu was convinced that Companys core competitiveness lies in its focus on quality and services, so he chose to remain rooted in Taiwan. Because of this, Shing Kwns high-quality market strategies enabled it to quickly meet customer’s satisfaction.

Forward Planning and Uninterrupted Progress

In face of competition from China that engages in cheap and low-cost production, Shing Kwn has faced the changing situation through intensive cultivation. Such as talent recruit technical upgrade and organization-wide breakthrough was developed as counter measures in the face of the competition. Just in order to provide the better services to customers.


Credibility is the most important business philosophy for Shing Kwn, as this philosophy has made Shing Kwn realize its responsibility and obligation to the customers and employees. Because of this faith for people, Shing Kwn has achieved stable growth in this time of change.

Customer-driven Growth

Shing Kwns sustainable growth comes from uninterrupted customer demands. Therefore, Shing Kwn attaches great importance to customers needs for timely delivery and quality service. Shing Kwn has always adhered to the business creed of completing the mission.

Emphasis on the long-term strategies and pursuit of sustainable development

Shing Kwn takes future planning one step at a time. Even in the face of competitors that engage in low-cost and cheap production, Shing Kwn has vision and focuses on improving its product quality and the speed of customer service. The Company demonstrates that endurance, determination, and precise strategies are the paths toward sustainable development.

Persistence on quality service and constant improvement

Quality improvement and customized long-term strategies have always been Shing Kwns focus. We endeavor to stay updated, because it is only through constant improvement of quality and customized services can the Company meet customers needs and have the strength to support future undertakings.


Professional Guarantee

Timely delivery

In order to meet customers delivery requirements, Shing Kwn through one-on-one customized services, the companys sales representatives can always discuss with customers face to face.

Quality Assurance

Shing Kwn has long been customer-oriented. With sophisticated equipment and standardized processes as support, it has researched and developed a set of operating processes with extremely high product quality.

Software quipment


Hardware equipment

CNC machine, publishing machine, cut-to-length/shape machine, UV glue machine




Customized Service

Shing Kwn is committed toBe the Best of the Best. In order to strive for improvement, Shing Kwn has always focused on one-on-one customizationsuch as acrylic design, customer design change services.

Looking ahead, Shing Kwn shall actively integrate third-party resources in order to provide customers with more comprehensive services.